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Re: New battery

Rob Winchell wrote:
> All -
> Does anyone have any feelings about replacing a battery using OE vs. 3rd party (DieHard, etc)?
> Rob
I just replaced my battery about 5 months ago with one my mechanic
recommended.  It is an AC Delco.  It is maintenance free and has extra
cold cranking amps for those cold days or if you left something on for a
little too long.  Anyway, according to my mechanic it has its own water
recurcullation (sp?) system that allows the water to keep flowing.  

My mechanic sold it to me for around $85, but normally sells them at
$95.  He said he wasn't in the business of making money off of
batteries.  Anyway it fits perfectly in my 1984 Coupe GT.

Hope that helps.

Rick H. Louie
1984 Coupe GT - Zermatt Silver, Chocolate Brown Leatherette, 124K