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RE: Ronal 15X8

I can guarantee you Kent (not Keith) does not really want to sell the 15x8 
R8s.  He has, in a word told me so.

FYI:  The local dealer (Carousel Porsche Audi) wants $425.50 each for new 
ones and there is a warehouse here in the U.S. that has 16 wheels in stock.

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Re Kerrys post,
I suspect others will weigh in on this as well, but as an owner of various 
quattro's (4000's, 5000's and UrQ's) I can say without hesitation that the 
15X8 Ronals are most certainly NOT ,

"the same wheel Audi used in different widths on the early turbo 5000's, 
all the 4kq, etc.."

The early turbo 5000's used some of the ugliest rims designed till that 
point, many with a different offset and bolt pattern and diameter than the 
Ronals in question.  I sure didn't see any of those rims on rallying Q's 
like we saw the 15X8's & Fuchs.

All 4kq's original equipment was a 14 inch Ronal that was very structurally 
different from the 15X8.  The price you paid should have been a big tip off 
($750).  Most other stock q alloys (save the Fuchs) can be had for $100-300 
per set (no tires).

I have not seen much market difference recently between the 15X8's and the 
Fuchs, a good set going for $4-$600 (depending on tires).  I recently sold 
some worn Ronals with reasonable autoX tires for $600.  If the ones Keith 
has are 15X8's vs the 15X9 Sport Q app then the price tells me he really 
doesn't want to sell them!