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Possibly FS: 1993 S4

Hey gang,

For those of you interested, I met a gentleman at the Minneapolis
auto show that has a 1993 Audi S4 that he is thinking of selling
soon.  I believe he's going to be purchasing an A8 Quattro.  Gee,
must be rough. ;)   At any rate, his S4 has about 61k on the clock
(plus carbon fibre trim).  He said it was a California car (not
sure if he moved to MN from CA or what the deal is).

He's looking for about $27,000 if I remember correctly.  (I don't
recall the color, but I think he said it had an Anthracite
interior -aka|: black)

Here's the guy's contact info:

Joseph C. Pasquarello (Assistant VP, Sales.. KATUN Corp.)

Toll free 800-328-2965
Toll free fax  800-752-4390

He resides in the Minneapolis area.


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