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Cool or Way cool?

I'm soliciting some input on a decision to get my current stock intercooler
fixed or to replace it with a "TAP" all-aluminum intercooler.  I recently
upgraded my chip on my 89 200 TQ as well as a stiffer waste-gate spring,
top intercooler hose (no choice) and connecting hose from manifold to
wastegate (again, no choice).  

Everything was fine for about 3 days while I carefully(?) tested the range
of the new capabilities but things started coming undone.  I still have a
loss of boost at about 3000 rpm and you can clearly hear the "hissing"
coming from under the hood.  I'm being told it is a "blown" intercooler and
it may well be but I can't confirm that as of yet.

In an event,  if there are any Q-listers out there who can give me some
feedback about this intercooler, I would be very appreciative!  Thanks.

Mark Thomas