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A4 1.8Tq new owner report.


I have been watching this list and have finally found time to put in an
entry about my new 97 A4 quattro.

I picked up a new A4 quattro with 1.8t and 5sp on the 2nd jan and have
since driven it about 5500Kms.
I put a set of BBS RC 17x8 wheels on it shod with Falken 235/40x17 tyres.
The car looks great with the 17" rime and it hangs onto the road as if it
were on rails.

Overall impression to date is that this is a fantastic car. The last 3
vehicles I have driven have been full 4WDs and I still have a Land Rover
Discovery 2.5 TDI which I use for off road trips and general weekend
jaunts. The A4 is a great car for the commuting I do and so far I can't
fault it for road manners.

The only "faults" I have with it a present are the power windows don't
appear to have the auto up feature that the documentation states but the
auto down works as advertised. The other problem is the top of the dash is
very glossy and not matt as you would expect with the effect that when you
are driving into the sun you get a lot of glare back from the dash surface
throught the window,  has any one else had this problem..?

I plan to take it on an extended run over easter so I should get a better
feel for how it behaves on long trips.

A4 1.8Tq 97
(Sydney Australia)