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Re: Tossing people into trunks

>Dan Masi wrote:
>> There are many lists where
>> doint this very thing will get you (rightfully, IMNSHO) tossed
>> out on your boot. Cut it out, please.
>      ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>Interesting choice of terms, Dan.  I immediately got an image of
>somebody being tossed into one of those cavernous 5k/200 trunks and the
>lid being slammed.  ;-)
>Sorry!  Apparently my Monday's tend to be as weird as Fluhr's Friday's!

Funny you should mention that...

I was at the Atlanta Auto Show a couple of weeks ago, and was chatting
with the woman at the Audi exhibit...
She said she was at a show in Miami a few months before showing some
people the trunk of the A6, and their first comment was "boy, you could
sure fit a lot of bodies in there!"

I hope this isn't a trend...

btw; the Atlanta Auto show was OK for looking but on the whole a little
skimpy.  They had an A4 2.8 on the floor, and a 1.8T, but the Turbo was
on a rotating display and we couldn't touch it.  Evidently they had to
fight to get that one, and it was already sold...

They also had an A8 Quattro (ooooooh...) and a 96 A6 (rear driver's door
wouldn't close unless really slammed; oh well).