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Re: dross@jacobldrs.com

Two possibilities - good & bad:

Good - the electronic brain has lost the memory of your previous
setup, and car has to be driven a few miles to let the computer
"relearn" all the settings with full feedback from all the sensors.

Bad - The jump start fried something in the brain.

Carlsen ought to be able to hook up a diagnostic tester to the brain
and check the trouble codes, if any.  If this doesn't show anything,
and a short test drive doesn't improve things, then I am at a loss
for explanations unless something got broke/disconnected during
the jump start. Considering you say it started immediately and
you didn't mention any driveability problems on the drive to Carlsen,
I doubt this theory.

That's my mini-brain dump. Good luck!

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)

In a message dated 97-03-17 13:18:10 EST, you write:

 From: "Dave Ross" <dross@jacobldrs.com>
 Without much warning the battery in my '90 V8 my battery died last
 Sunday (3/9). During the preceding few days I noticed that the starter
 would slow down a bit if the engine did not start immediately. On Sunday
 evening I was out on an errand, turned off the motor, and could not
 start it 5 minutes later. The engine turned over once (slowly), then
 stopped and a nasty electronic "chittering" noise erupted.
 Heavy of heart, I called AAA and waited an hour for the truck to arrive.
 I described the symptoms to the driver (company owner, of course, on a
 Sunday evening), who said... "Yep. Dead battery." He attached jumper
 cables to the appropriate contacts in the engine bay and the car started
 immediately. I drove it directly to Carlsen and dropped it off with a
 note and a prayer.
 Carslen still has the car. They put in a new battery ($200 and watch out
 for the upholstery), but now the car won't start when cold and runs very
 roughly 'til warm. They've tried in vain for several days to identify
 the problem. This is not a problem I had before the battery died (did
 the battery die or was it something else?). 
 Any ideas?
 Dave Ross
 sick '90 V8