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Re: Coil Spring Life

Dude!  (just kidding ;)

The springs on my '85 VW Scirocco *definitely* wore out.  Granted, I beat on the car, 
and they weren't too heavy duty to begin with.  If your shocks/struts are in good 
shape, you may want to do a poor-man's test--bounce a corner of the car with your body 
weight.  It shouldn't bounce more than 1.5 to 2 times, with  decreasing travel.  If 
there's sag in any corner, it could also point to a fatigued spring (but check all 
susp. components). 

After putting in Neuspeed soft sport springs (only 8% stiffer than stock) the Scirocco 
felt immediately better.  So even if your springs are in good shape, getting a good 
set of aftermarket progressive springs (spring 'stiffness' progresively increases as 
it is compressed) would be a lot of fun, and often are cheaper than OEM.  

>My Mechanic ( lazy bastard )  told me that there is no need to ever change
>the springs.  Please confirm that I am not an idiot when I decipher that
>springs have GOT TO wear out sometime.  I'm ready to do suspension in my
>89200T, and I gotta know soon..Help?