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First real post

I Audinauts, normally  I'm just a lurker, mainly because I have not
had much to say or it's been said by other people. Today that changed,
Pat Martin and I went to Olympia and had a meeting with Ned Ritchie of
Intended Acceleration. We spoke for over two hours about a veriety of
subjects. The original intent of the 2 hour drive was to pump him for
information about improving the performance of our 86 4000cs q's. We
discussed a veriety of ways to do this from simple cam work, a stroker
kit that increases the cc's to about 2500, to installation of the 10
valve turbo motor or the 20 valve turbo. I guess it all depends on the
money that you want to spend. One of the reasons he brought up the
stroker kit is that he had just gotten smoked off the line a few days 
ago by a 4000 and was quite surrprised by this and after speaking to the 
gentleman found out that he had a stroker kit that he had purchased in 
Germany while on military duty there.
Ned did have a new toy for you 20 valve turbo owners. He has a new 	
exhaust manifold that is a little bit straighter, has larger internal
passages than a rs2 manifold, is more compact, is very nicely polished
and has a large enough flange on it to accept any turbo, both Audi and
non Audi. He can do this by not having the flange drilled. He said the
price of this was $1000.00. I'm going by memory so if you have questions
you can call him.(360)754-1411.
Usual disclaimers apply. Just passing it on.