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column reassembly, cam ??'s, parts car, euro lites (LONG?)


Hi, how y'all doin?  I've been lurking for a while, as if I didn't have
any question, but I do.  So here goes:

I took my steering column apart to replace the ignition switch on my '86
Coupe GT, and when I put it back together, the horn honks when pushing
the steering wheel forward.  This happened to my '85, and I meant to
push on the '86's steering wheel before disassembly to see if this is
normal (I doubt it), but I forgot to.  So, now they're both that way. 
Fun, huh?  I feel like I turned them into some kinda weird American car
with a "squeeze" horn or something.  Any ideas?

Also, if anyone in California wants to buy my '85 for parts, it's for
sale.  It's actually for sale as a car to the general public, but since
we Listers are more discriminating, it's better described as a parts
car.  I'm also looking for a (or a source for a) stainless steel trim
piece for the driver side fender.  The part that goes on the bumper? 
Any leads?

Does anyone have any experience with the 5 cylinder Crane cam?  It's
available at TSR Performance on the web, and I noticed the TAP pamphlet
lists Crane products.  It would seem that it might be cheaper than a
Schrick or ABT.  I'm not so big on regrinds.  The only difference is
that the Schrick appears to be high lift-short duration, and the Crane
is long duration-short lift.  I've heard that one or the other is bad
for the airflow-meter type injection we N/A owners have because of
pulses in the intake flow making the flap (OK meter plate) bounce up and
down.  Gimme input...please!

One more thing:  My '86 is coming along nicely.  I just have to have the
radiator rodded-out (it runs a little warm), and replace the clutch. 
Then it might be time to sell the Saturn and drive it daily.  I'm sick
of payments.  During the whole discussion about radiators, I never heard
anything about having a radiator shop "rod-out" the radiator.  Is there
a reason not to do this?  I had it done to my '85 and the is much
better.  The guy said all kinds of black stuff came out that was
clogging it up.  Just and idea.  The guy only charged me $40 bucks, with
it off the car.  That's with a referral from a mutual friend.  It's
usually $50, I think.  Still much cheaper than a new one.

By the way, are the euro-spec lights expensive in Europe?  Or is it the
rarity in the U.S. and shipping costs that jacks up the price?  I'd be
willing to get together with a few others to arrange a mass purchase
(maybe with the help of our U.K. members...hint, hint) to make it worth
the effort, whattaya say?

Whew!  I better post more often, and in smaller doses! :)

I await your responses,


'86, '85 Coupe's GT
'94 Saturn SL2