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MY GAS INCIDENT, and what i'm going to do (from Christian)

Hi, all!
Sorry I haven't gotten too wrapped up in the SEE YOU IN COURT discussion, i
noticed it was getting a little hairy, so i just was an observer.

First, thank you all sooooo much, you have all given me great advice from
many diffferent views.  I'm sorry that my incident started this bickering
onthe Qlist, hope you all just step back and leave it be (cool off period for

The insurance company called me on friday, but i was too busy at work and not
sure what I was going to tell them. So, i'm going to call them back today,
tell them what happened (mainly how the attendant did not know how to turn
off the gas).  THen I will ask what they are going to do about it.  I will
post later today and tell you what they said.

Thanks to you all for your help, and especially Doyt W. Echelberger and Kerry
Griffith who have been giving me legal advice, which by the way i will need
more of!

THanks ALL!
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