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UR Q Questions (fwd)

>  We are new to Audi's and have a number of questions. Any help you can give will
> be most appreciated.
>     * What shop manual do you recommend? Does anyone have any experience with
> the ALL DATA CD?

For most of the information on all the car's systems EXCEPT the electrics
(the stuff that you're most likely to have trouble with), Bentley is a 
good source. There are a couple very rare books called "Maintenance and
Service adjutments" and "Preliminary Service Information" (or words to that
effect) that have more info. I've never used the Alldata CD, but it looks
>     * What is the proper procedure for checking the cooling fan operation and
> after run feature? Mine seem to be operating sporatically. The water pump for
> the turbo should run at what times?

It's rare that a watercooled turbo installation into an ur-q includes the
after-run coolant pump for the turbo. Bentley can probably help you with
the fan issue, but you're on your own for the turbo coolant pump. Sorry.

>     * The car was staring hard cold and hot. We replaced the Thermal switch and
> that helped the cold start. But, what should I look at for hot starting.

Injector cooling fan. The thermoswitch that activates it is prone to failure.
It's over on the wastegate heat shield. 

>     * The car passed the "E" test here in Colorado with no problems. It's pretty
> stringent. So, most of the systems must be operating properly.

I guess. I've heard that the Schrick cam makes emissions go to hell. The
best way to check is to get a SunPro 7678 (or something) automotive 
multimeter and use its duty cycle setting to check the OXS freq valve 

>     * BTW the previous owner replaced the entire exhaust including Cat.

Nice. It sounds like this car has had a lot of maintenance. You're lucky.
Or smart. The WC turbo is a nice mod. I'm doing it on mine soon. Was the
head or exh manifold changed when the turbo went in?

>     * I am interested in going +1 for the summer months. What OEM Audi wheels
> will fit. What is the Max Tire size?

I'm one of the lucky ones with the 8x15 ronals, so I don't deal with the
aftermarket wheel/tire choices.

>     * Oh Yeah, is there a "secret" to replacing the air filter??

Not really. It's a PITA. I've done it through the headlight, but I had
trouble getting the new filter to fit in properly. The best way I've 
found is to unhook all the fuel lines from the fuel distributor and just
take the airbox lid, airflow meter housing, and fuel distributor out all
at once. Just keep track of where the fuel lines go. They have "memory"
anyway and will kind spring back into place. Careful with all the little
copper sealing washers and bleed the fuel pressure at the warm-up regulator
first. Once this assembly is out, you can poke around in there and clean 
everything, and you'll be able to make sure the new air filter is seated

>  As you may be able to tell, We are most excited about the car. I know we have
> lot's of questions. Hope this isn't a burden to the group.
>  BTW anyone have suggestions for Part's purchasing? Anyone publish a catalog?
>  How about a recommendation for a shop in Denver if the work get's above me?
>  Thanks in advance for your help

I can personally recommend Blaufergnugen. Nice guys, good prices, and they
know ur-quattros pretty well. GPR too. These are mail-order parts places,

Now it's your turn. What model Recaros are in the car? Was the seat heating
maintained? Are the seats loose and rattly like the originals or do they
seem to be in tight?

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