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Broken door locks

I am enlisting the help of anyone who has tried(succeeded) changing the
broken metal and plastic clip that is located on the end of the locking
cylinders and pushes down the rod linked to the actuator that locks all the
doors. When the driver side one broke several months ago, I stupidly delayed
and started locking from the passenger side. Now the passenger side has
broken and I can't lock the car, except from the inside(not much help).

Anyway, I purchased the following parts to fix;
893-837-287-C   Carrier
893-837-061-C   Lock Cyl
N-012-411-1     Lock rings

When I took apart the driver door, I located problem (Broken Carrier), and
proceed to try and get at it. Unfortunately, I gave up after not being able
to get at the broken part or the lock ring. Am I going about this wrong? Do
I have to take apart entire door handle and if so, is there a second star
bolt out of sight holding the other side down?Do I even need the new lock
cylinders? From looking at the fiche it look like a simple proceedure but
now I'm pissed. Car is 91' 200q

Need help please ASAP, please e-mail directly,


Jason  (jason@tgl.com)
91' 200qt
86 4Kcsq