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Re: Dash stuff

I agree with Gross Scruggs,
Have used Armor All on my 88 Supra Turbo since new, on all vinyl and 
rubber surfaces (door seals, drive shaft boots, and under the hood, in 
fact,  everywhere). First thing I did on our Audi A4q when we bought it 
was to use it on all similar surfaces and I used the low gloss version on 
the interior. 

My Supra looks showroom inside and out and my engine compartment 
is spotless, all underhood synthetics :-) are pliable and in darn good 
shape considering its a turbo and I have modded it up to 350hp (HOT 
HOT HOT.!!).

It does work, trust me. We keep our cars a long time (at least 4 years) 
and when I trade them/sell them I get top dollar! I can say nothing but 
good about Armor All (and Meguiars...).

My 2 cents worth from solid experience and over 30 years of car 

Phil Coppin