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Re: Mixed signals

> 	Every once in a while [like once a month] the oil pressure light 
> will come on, beep, blink, go off.  Oil pressure shown is about 4.5 bar, 
> level up, oil clean.  The most bizarre thing is it happens at various 
> points on the rpm range, once at idle, once at cruising speed, etc.  Ideas??

Which model?  I had a similar problem on my '92 100 CSQ - my mechanic
said he has seen several with an intermitenly bad oil pressure sending
unit... But what happenned, was that they took the sender out, mounted
a gauge and checked the oil pressure at various RPM -- since all was
fine, I continued to drive with my old sender, and the warning
light never came on again!  So maybe it was only a contact or some
blockage.    So I recommend that you take the sender out, clean it,
clean the contacts, and see if the warning re-appears.  BTW, a new
sender is over $100.  It might be worth exploring if a VDO sender
(from imparts) would work instead. 

HTH, - Andrei