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Re: Aux. gauges in later Ur-q/4000q

In a message dated 97-03-13 15:15:23 EST, mike@genesis-microchip.on.ca (Mike
Hopton) writes:

> On my '85 ur-q I removed the ash tray and lighter console and 
>     fabricated a a platic panel to fit in its place. I trimmed the panel 
>     in leather and it looks stock. 

To add to the list of optional gauge tweeks...I've got an '87 dash
transplanted into my '84 4000q along with the associated '87 spec centre
console. My diff locks are now rotary style and I've gained the LED voltmeter
and oil temp displays. This car is my developmental "mule" and will probably
see a modified MC code motor this spring. I've been looking for a spot to
stash several gauges and stumbled into an interesting option. I removed the
centre vent(frsh air) and took a rough measurement with the intent on
fabricating a panel for that location. Weeks went by while I put off cutting
sheet metal, hole sawing, and spray painting. I saw a listing for a DIN sized
3hole gauge panel mfg by Zender whilst browsing through an Autotech catalog.
Now, for the record, 20$ is way too much to pay for extruded plastic; but if
it matched your dash and SNAPPED INTO PLACE it's a bargain in my book! 

Now it's not a perfect solution, obviously you lose the fresh air vent. Not a
problem for a toy car, but not ideal for a daily driver. Also, the left gauge
position is partially blocked by the instrument binnacle cover. At least it
is with *my* seating position. I'll have to select a gauge for that position
that's in it "happy" range between 1 and 5 O'clock.

Food for thought.

Chris Semple
'87 4000q
   '84 4000q
       '83 TQC
           '83 TQC