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Re: Blocked cat, or bad gas? It certainly smells like bad gas!

"Sean Ford" <sean@nwh.org> wrote:

> Just this past weekend, and through to today, I've noticed the ol' 
> rotten egg smell eminating from my '92 100 after short trips (less than 
> 10 miles).  I searched the archives and read about the possibility of 
> the catalytic converter having some type of blockage (which also may 
> explain the rocking engine idle due to excess back pressure),  so I 
> called my mechanic and asked him about it. He suggests trying another 
> brand of gas (I'm currently using Texeco premium, 93 octane), and I'm 
> wondering if anyone has had a problem with certain brands of gasoline?

Our '93 90 has had this stench from day one, no sign of engine
performance problem.  Dealer said they all do that for 10-15k mi.  After
15k, dealer said Audi can't figure out what to do about it.  Seems
slightly less stinky w/ premium, but the car should not need this. 
We've tried Mobil (use now most of the time), Amoco, and Shell, at least
two tanks full in a row for each test.  No TSB's on this '91-'95,
either.  Car still has 3 mos on 36/50, not to mention emissions
warranty, but we've lived w/ it this long.  Should I bug them for a new

--Dave Weiss
  '91 V8 5-spd
  '93 90CS UnQ