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Re: Recent first-time Audi buyer after s

From: Ian Rawlings <Ian.Rawlings@UK.Quza.com>

>Hello all, I've recently become the (very) proud owner of a British 1988
>'E' reg Audi 90 Quattro

Congratulations, nice car.

> and am finding it hard to find out details about
>the car. All I know so far is that it is a 10-vaulve engine, probably
>2.2 litre. I don't know which series it is, or any other identifying

It's probably the 2226cc 100kW 136bhp engine - I think the 2309 with cat 
arrived in1989.  What is the engine and chassis code?

>Does anyone know enough about these cars to help me out a
>little? I don't know if it has Procon-10 or not,

I'm preety sure Procon-10 wasn't avauilable in 1988.  I have a brochure for 
1989 and Procon-10 is not mentioned.  Check your owner's manual.

> it has "air
>conditioning", which is pretty much an air cooler more than anything

>I've also found it hard to get any documentation on it. I looked for
>some haynes manuals, but could only find manuals for the 90, not the 90
>Quattro. I called Haynes and they said that they have never produced any
>manuals for the Quattros, and never will, although they
>couldn't/wouldn't tell me why.

Haynes is good value - the quattro stuff is pretty robust and only needs the 
propshaft UJ greased (grease nipple in middle of UJ).  Bentley is far more 
detailed but a lot more expensive (cost GBP65 for my 80q).  It also doesn't 
give cheats like Haynes does (my favourite comes from a Morris Minor Haynes 
manual in the section that describes how a chassis component is in the way 
of removing the master cylinder - "thousands have bent it and lived").

>If anyone has a full spec list and can answer any questions I can think
>up, I'd be eternally grateful!

Fire away.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1989 Audi 100 Avant