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Re: Dunlop 8000 or D40 M2?

On Wed, 19 Mar 1997, Colin Barfoot wrote:

> I'm trying  to decide on replacement tires to go on my original 15" (size 6J) 
> Alloy wheels.
> Based on this list I've thought of buying Dunlop SP8000.....
> If there are those on the list who have used both, could you give me your 
> comparitive impressions on wet and dry handling and tread life.

I have used Dunlop Tires twice, when they came new on a car.  I was amaze
a how quickly they wore, and how short a time they lasted.  It sounds like
you have done some research here, so maybe Dunlop has changed compounds or
such, but I would never buy another set.

Philip Waggoner
A4tQ (Manual) "....April?"