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Windshieldwasher fluid warning light & a long story too!

Sounds like you have ruled out the sensor side of the equation quite
thoroughly, although jumpering the plug may not be a definitive test if
the sensor does not present a low resistance "short" under normal
circumstances. If this is the case, an equivalent resistor is in order for
the test. 

This reminded me of the first trip my wife took with our new Coupe Quattro
- we had brought the owners manual into the house and studied it, then
left it on the kitchen table. We'd been on the road for a couple days and
were climbing a steep hill in Banff National Park when suddenly, an
animated warning light came on. We had never seen it before - man it
looked frightening! It looked like a radiator boiling over, geysers steam
issuing forth from a container with little tongues of fire at the bottom
of the vessel. I checked the instrumentation , pulled over and stopped.
Everything seemed to be in order, but we had no manual to interpret the
icon. We proceded with caution, and everything was ok until the next day
in a small rural town, the whole thing happened again. Fearing a meltdown,
I stopped at a gas station, and began peering around under the hood. A
well meaning local came over and inquired what the problem was. I told
him, also that the water and oil temps were normal. He took one look at the
engine, stepped back, looked at the car, then squinted at me and said
something like "Oil temp! Never heard of that before! You'll never figure
that one out", and ambled off. Only after we got home and rushed to the
manual did we realize it was the low washer fluid warning. Why Audi 
animated little flames into that icon however is still a mystery to me.