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Re: Transplanting Engines, Transmissions and Drivetrains

	Hi All, I just got finished making my new wallpaper for my computer of
Audi pictures from the net and again fell in love with a car in a picture
(I guess marketing works on me). Anyway it's a black Cabriolet and will be
a nice car in a few years when the prices come down a little. 
	Still, being a resident of the US I am stuck with the choice of a 6cyl
automatic fwd, 6cyl automatic front wheel drive or a 6cyl automatic front
wheel drive. Being that I am not overly mechanically enclined and much
better versed in VWs than Audis I was wondering if anyone could lend their
	In the next few years I'd like to pick up a used cabriolet and hop it up a
bit. Short of Audi offering a Cabriolet 1.8T next year with a 5 speed I
figure I'm left to do some swapping, or more realistically have a shop do
some swapping. 
	I know the I5 will fit in the car (90 style Cabriolet) and I was
considering a 20VTurbo ala S4 or S6 donor, along with a 5speed. I was
wondering how difficult and thus expensive the swap to 5speed would be and
would all of the parts from a 100/A6 platform from the tranny fit in the 90
platform. While in the shop for major modifications how intricate is
installing a quattro system pirated from a Coupe Quattro donor.In VWs the
Syncro System can be retrofitted, but on older A2 chassis cars you need a
whole new floorpan, whereas on the A3 chassis VWs like my '94 Jetta, cost
savings were an issue and one standard floorpan was used, making swapping
of Syncro parts fairly bolt on (as much as that can be)
	I'm just curious of what you all think of such mods, and if anyone has
done anything as remotely as crazy before. I know it's not realistic, but I
may do it anyway...we'll see.
	With visions of an S2 Cabriolet dancing in my head,