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Re: Recent first-time Audi buyer after

From: Ian Rawlings

>Hiya Paul and others, the engine number is KV044071 and the chassis
>number is WAUZZZ89ZJA276211

KV engine is 2226cc 100kW 136bhp engine fitted to UK Audi 90s (and coupes) 
at that time.

WAU = Europe Audi
ZZZ = characters not used
89 = Audi 90 (mk2) chassis
Z = character not used
J = 1988
A = where engine built - Germany somewhere, I can't remember where "A" is.
276211 = chassis number

> the cc is 2226cc, developing 136 BHP >before
>I had it retuned for unleaded ;-) Probably about 10BHP now...

I retuned my 80q for use with unleaded.  After a while, I converted it back 
because although unleaded is cheaper, the car did less mpg.  I didn't really 
think it was worth the lack of performance (not to mention the increased 
chance of pinking and the lack of lubrication for the valve seats) to go for 
the unleaded - just my 2 cents worth.

is mentioned in the manual, however it, along with some other things, is
marked with an asterisk to signify "where fitted".

Apparently it has some hawsers that pull the steering wheel away from you in 
the event of a crash causing the engine to move backwards.  It also tensions 
the seat belts.  I don't know how this can be spotted by looking at the 
vehicle.  Some vehicles have a sticker in the boot which lists the factory 
options and paint colours.

Also, there are several possible injection systems that might be fitted
 - how do I tell which one *is* fitted, and if I can chip the car up at

The brochure I have states:
"Mech. controlled inj. system with aor shrouded injectors.  Warm-up control. 
 Idle speed reg.  Fully electronic ign. system (TSZ).  Long life spark 

That sounds like Bosch K-Jetronic to me.  There is a possibility that KE was 
fitted - I think that has an extra actuator bolted to the fuel dist. for 
controlling pressure.

You can't really chip these cars.  You need a turbo to get chipped 
improvements.  Plenty of companies will sell you a chip, but you won't 
notice much difference.  Try a new cam?  Talk to BRM or TSR.  They will 
probably tell you what they told me - your car is too old to bother with 
engine performance mods.

>As for the Quattro stuff being pretty robust, I hope so! It seems that
>if it's specific to the Quattro, you pay through the nose for it. I'll
>try to find out what manuals I've been told about recently, either by
>Volkswagen Audi magazine or by the UK Audi club, I'll try to remember to
>get the book name and post it tomorrow.

>It's a worrying car as there are things that need doing. I need to
>replace the brake pads and discs (vented front, solid rear),

Cheap enough - should be around GBP80 for the set at Euro Car Parts 

>the brake
>performance is variable so it probably needs bleeding,

Good idea.

> when driving
>across rough ground I get a sound like a piece of wood jumping up and
>down on the boot floor so my wishbones/bushes might need replacing,

Inspect/replace rear diff mountings and wishbone bushes.

>the gearbox is a little bit sticky.

Usually loose play in the linkage - check the ball riveted onto the actuator 
arm attached to the gear change shaft sticking out of the gearbox.

>And the steering wheel wobbles from
>side to side, up and down, but not in and out. Also the tyres squeal
>when going round tight corners despite having the tracking checked out

Usually a tracking problem - are you sure it was checked by someone who knew 
how to set up quattros?  Could also be caused by perished wishbone bushes - 
very common problem

>steering seeming to be variable, very light some days, quite stiff on

Iv'e never had that problem.

>Well, it is an 8 year old car! An extremely nice 8 year old car...
>Unfortunately I don't have much mechanical knowledge or any tools, so
>most urgent jobs need taking to a garage, at a rate of between 25-50 UKP
>per hour, with the worry that they'll bodge it.

Buy yourself a socket set and a Haynes manual and start saving money.  They 
will pay for themselves just for the brake disk job!

>I can see that I'm going to lose a lot of hair and money over this car,
>but I did enjoy wasting an entire weekend zipping around the countryside
>recently, so I'm not that concerned!

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1989 Audi 100 Avant