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Undeliverable Message

To:            <quattro-digest@coimbra.ans.net>
Subject:       quattro-digest V4 #489

Message not delivered to recipients below.  Press F1 for help with VNM
error codes.               

	VNM3043:  Peter Grul@WCS5@Veda


   The message cannot be delivered because the
   recipient's mailbox contains the maximum number of 
   messages, as set by the system administrator.  The
   recipient must delete some messages before any
   other messages can be delivered.
    The maximum message limit for a user's mailbox is 
   10,000.  The default message limit is 1000 messages.  
   Administrators can set message limits using the 
   Mailbox  Settings function available in the 
   Manage User menu  (MUSER). 

   When a user's mailbox reaches the limit, the 
   user must delete some of the messages before 
   the mailbox can accept any more incoming messages.

----------------------  Original Message Follows  ----------------------
The original message was larger than the viewing area.  It cannot be displayed
as is.  Therefore, it has been stored in the file `mail.txt'.  Please view this 
file in order to read the message.

Thank you.