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Re: Moral support really needed....

> I said, "When you're replacing 
> it, why not put in a neoprene gasket?"  "Because they don't make them 
> for these cars."  
> Hmmmmmmm.  From your post I would say this wasn't true.  So, what 
> make of gasket can I use and where can I find one?  And is replacing 
> one yourself as easy as it would appear?  Or are there some things I 
> should know about. TIA

I know at least Blaufergnügen has them; they may or may not be
available as a standard Audi part, but you don't want to get it at the
dealer anyway.  I paid $20 for a neoprene valve cover gasket made by
Elring, which is apparently one of the standard gasket manufacturers.

Replacing it is as easy as it looks -- just be sure not to overtorque
the nuts.  It's a very low spec, I think 10 Nm.  I cross-torque them
as with head bolts; you don't have to, but it ca'n't hurt.

Vorsprung durch Technik, eh?
['86 Coupe GT]