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RE: A snow/ice storm and my A4Q (longish)...

> > From:    Linus Toy [SMTP:linust@mindspring.com]
> >
> > At 04:19 PM 3/18/97 -0500, Rob Winchell wrote:
> > >When I got my 200, I was shocked to see a switch that allows me to turn 
> off
> > >the Anti-locks. I looked in the manual, and their reasoning for it was
> >
> > not sure why you're shocked.  I, for one, am glad Audi respected* the
> > intelligence of the American driver.  seems every other manufacturer
> > offering cars in the US doesn't think the average American driver is 
> smart
> > enough to figure out how to use "extra" controls or gauges.
> That's exactly why I was shocked: the average American driver is not smart 
> enough to use this correctly. The average American driver can't even figure 
> out to put their child in a child seat in the _back_ and not up front, or 
> not pump the anti-locks.

Audi has joined the crowd ... I do not think they allow the ABS to be turned
off any more :(
> I am glad Audi did this, also. I suppose they expect the average American 
> Audi driver can handle it. I was actually confused for a second by it - I 
> would think a switch that said "AntiLock" would do the same thing a "Rear 
> Defroster" button would do: turn it ON. I guess not. Maybe I'm not smart 
> enough to use it.
Well Rob, if you can't understand the little yellow light that comes on in
the instrument cluster when you push the switch I might agree with you ...
it quite clearly reads "ABS OFF" ...

If you have a quattro with lockable differentials you will also see this 
light illuminated when you have any of the differentials locked ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)