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Re: Noisy Lifters

Just for a moment, Imagine yourself as one of those "noisy-lifters".

Your owner waits till the engine has reached operating temperature,
revs you up to 2000 rpm, waits a minute, and your still makin

Imagine yourself getting hit on the head at least 3000 times a minute,
for extended
periods of time!   At the same time getting a valve shoved back at you
at 85lbs of
force, 3000 times a minute! 

Bad lifters will cause excessive wear on the cam lobes, valve stems,
and cause cyclic stress that can "shatter" the top of the lifter!  

Changing your valve lifters will actually make the motor run better! 
Since the 
valves are opening all the way now!   Its almost like putting in a new

Make sure you get the "German" lifters!  The Brazilian ones dont seem
to last!