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Re: Audi Brokers

> Date:          Wed, 19 Mar 1997 14:40:42 -0800
> From:          Jeff.McMeekin@Corp.Sun.COM (Jeff McMeekin - WWFO Training)
> To:            quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject:       Audi Brokers

> My inability to find an Audi in my general part of the
> world (California) is leading me to considering dealing 
> with one of that cadre of fellows that roam the US going 
> to auctions to buy Audis.
> Anyone have experience with either of these two brokers:
> Steve Krenzen or Bob Buff - or any others that they've had
> luck with buying a car on spec for them?  Buff in particular
> makes some claims for volume volume volume so I am assuming
> there must be some folks out there who have heard of him.
> He says he does a lot of business through the Quattro club
> magazine.
> I'm looking for a '93 100s 5sp with no more that 45k for $15k-$16k.

Have you tried searching classifieds on the web?  I found my Coupe 
that way and from what I remember, Audi's were plentiful when I 
searched in CA.  Made me envious as I was stuck in FL and unwilling 
to make the trek.  You should find something nice there, I did.