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Re: Oil in hoses

In a message dated 97-03-19 23:47:02 EST, you write:

 My 865ktq has a lot of oil in the hoses going to the intercooler and
 the fuel
 injection shroud. Is this normal or does it indicate excess blow by. Car
 has 189k on it and runs well. Type MC engine. Is it normal? >>

It's perfectly normal for a TQ with 189k on it to run well.

Wipe the oil out, and check it in another 189k.

If your not townig with it... ( Sorry, wrong thread)

But all seriousness aside, blow-by is a worn cylinder or ring kind of thing
unless it's been overheated or run sans oil very unlikely.  Perhaps your
picking up
a little oil from the turbo but if the consumption isn't excessive and it
doesn't blow
alot of blue on cold starts don't sweat it.  By the way, if the induction
begins to clog for any reason, ( dirty filter, mouse nest etc.) it'll suck
air from wherever it can get it
including the breather.

Vince Lyons