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Messing with sunroof

I have a 1990 100 Q with the sunroof/moonroof. It's one of the thick cloth
sunroofs (instead of the plain glass that other car makers tend to use).

Anyway, I loaned my car to my dad (bad idea, ok, i admit), and he threw on
some piece of junk ski-racks, that kinda $%#^ed the sunroof up.

Took it to the audi people, and they said
a) the right-side sunroof lifter was broken
b) a complete overhaul, which they recommened would be about    $300 to $400
c) i could just get little part fixed for ~$150, but it could
   break at any time. 

The sunroof still slides back (slow... it's old and tired), and tilts, so
MOST of the parts should be ok, yes?

So what I want to do is pull the whole sunroof off, clean the thing, see if
I can fix it, maybe put in a new motor.. and if feasable, fabricate or
purchase a new lifter and install it.

I've got plenty of free time, I just need someone to help me out, and tell
me how to get the sunroof off, and access the parts I want to access.