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Re: A4 1.8T Center console (not)

Michael R. Leavitt writes:
> I am soon to be the proud owner of an A4 1.8T.  One of the differences
> between the 4 and the 6 appears to be a center console on the 6, and none
> on the 4.  Has anyone looked into buying one designed for the 6 and fitting
> it to the 4 somehow?  (Is this problem on a FAQ somewhere?)

This has been talked about on the list.  Check the archives.
There is no difference in the center console between the A4 2.8
and the 1.8T; except that on the 2.8 cars, the console is finished
with wood whereas the 1.8T has black plastic.

The 2.8 models have a foldable armrest with built-in storage bin
(phone holder), the 1.8T models don't.  The armrest can be retrofitted
to the 1.8T.  The dealer can get the part.

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