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Re: Noisy Lifters

On Wed, 19 Mar 1997 SOP8920@siena.edu wrote:

> Hi folks,
>    Okay I got a great deal of information out of this continuing thread on
> Noisy lifters, including tips on lifter replacement and various treatments to
> try to quiet them without replacing them.
When I bought my car, the engine had a really horible rattle from the top 
end. It was cured by replacing all the cam followers. The only real 
problem I have now is on a "re-heat" of the engine. Its ok first start up 
of the day, but if I go shopping of something like that, I always get a 
bit of a rattle from the top end when the engine is warming up again.
Its a lot better since I put that new Castrol(?) Magnotex(?) oil in it, 
and Im not too worried about it anyway.

Michael Burton
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