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200 wheel & tire combos

"erik seither" <e-racer-s@msn.com> wrote:

> I just fell into an 89 200 (my M3 was totalled!!).

Bimmer bummer.

> Does anyone know max wheel tire size combos (stock 15x6, 205 60 15)?

By increasing width from stock 205 mm, or decreasing positive offset
from stock 45 mm, you'll get in trouble almost immediately w/ rubbing
outboard rear.  I have seen two instances of wider tires, one of which
was clearly a hack.  The other, which involved 235 mm tires on 15x
(prolly) 7, on a 5000TQ, looked pretty good.  Might have been a custom
offset?  Maybe he'll share some ideas.

--Dave Weiss
  '91 V8 5-spd
  '93 90CS UnQ