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re: trunk lift

>Hello all.  Ever since I got my car 3 years ago my trunk has had no
>hydraulic lift.  You have to hold the trunk up while getting anything out
>of the trunk otherwise it will just fall on you.
>I have looked and looked and never found a replacement lift for it.  Has
>anyone replaced theirs?  Where do you get a new one?  All of the auto parts
>stores around here have a book and it says 5000 and there is never a 4000.
>What do I do?

  Bought some for my 86 4kcsq from BLAUferhnügen (800.683.AUDI) a month ago.
Works great now...  I think they were something like $39US each

Dan Cooke
'90 90Q20V
'86 4KCSQ