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noisy lifters

In message <9703201505.AA07100@notesgw1.cc.bellcore.com> "Grant Lenahan" writes:

> >>  What I haven't heard is an answer to this question: What damage, if any,
> will occur if the noisy lifter problem isn't addressed? Will there be valve or
> head damage? Is the lifter noise simply an annoyance?

> Well, actually, most heads with noisy lifters wear out within 300,000 miles.

Probbly make it to 301,000 if you did the lifters ...

As someone pointed out, they're quite easy to diagnose:

a) Pull the spark plugs.
b) Take the cam cover off, and turn the engine so the lobes of the cam point 
   upwards on #1.  Easiest way is to put it in top gear on level ground and
   take the parking brake off.  You can push/pull the engine into place.  
c) If possible, put a couple of psi in the cylinder - it makes it easier to
   tell when the valves start to open.
d) Press down on the lifter with something made of WOOD or PLASTIC.
e) If it moves more than 0.1mm before opening the valve - replace it.
f) Repeat down the firing order.

This should really be done on a warm, recently-run engine.  

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club