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RE: towing with a turbo audi?

Now that young Mel has been educated about and sensitized to the fact that
listeners might find themselves in a position to want both trailerable
objects and their turbo quattro at the same time in some far away place,
does anyone have real experience to contribute?  I, too, have been
experiencing itchings along these lines when looking at my other car, a
Lotus 7-like device, which I would love to drive far from home but find
tedious on long highway trips.  Seems to me that the ole S6 wagon ought to
be able to handle a light trailer and the 7 which weighs about 500KG.
Anybody know where I can get a lightweight, enclosed trailer of appropriate
dimension?  TIA.

PS  I'd love to see that 944 at an autocross.  Or on the road, for that
matter.  Yum, lunch.