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Re: UrQ option code 764 (fwd)

> > OK Mike, you peaked my curiosity. What do you think came
> > with option code 764 "Conversion from California to Europe
> > version"?  I have a CA car and I'd like to order a retroactive
> > option code.
> I wonder if this isn't written backwards. In other words, it's the information
> and parts necessary to convert a Euro version to a California (USA) version.
> In other words, it's was the parts and information necessary for a grey-
> market importer to make the car meet US specs. The "special sales incentive"
> stating that if you bought an ur-q in Europe that you could take it to the
> US and Audi would supply the parts necessary to federalize it. This being
> the "incentive" to the buyer using US-import feasibility as a criteria for
> purchasing.
... I've seen it on the fiche as well.  I've thought that the reason such 
an option could have been created was that there was an inventory of cars 
that could not be sold in the USA ... so they changed them back to Euro 
spec and sold them elsewhere.  I've seen so much variation amongst the 
"USA/CA spec" ur-quattros that it probably wouldn't be out of place to
simply test pipe the cat, swap the ECU & cam and call it a euro-spec.  I
s'pose they'd have a problem doing a RHD conversion though ...

It would be interesting to see a parts list for that option kit ... I 
have never seen anything other than the option code listed on the fiche.
I have seen things that interest me on the US spec ur-q fiche ... like 
aux waterpumps for the WC turbos and 20V turbo engines ... but then they
leave out the part numbers for those goodies ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)