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Re: Insurance called me (WAS MY QUATTRO SHOWERED WITH GAS)

I know I've mentioned this before... have handy the D.A.'s name, number,
and address, and also the Insurance Commisioner's name, number, and
address. Even if you don't actually have to use them, just throwing them
around in front of the insurance vulture usually keeps them (insurance co.
types) in check.

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> From: RELAYER@aol.com
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Insurance called me (WAS MY QUATTRO SHOWERED WITH GAS)
> Date: Thursday, March 20, 1997 12:18 PM
> Here we go........
>     Well, the insurance called today and wanted to know what they can do
> fix everything so that I will be ok and sign a release for the gas shower
> incident.
>      I told them my side of the story, and how I was effected (ruined
> clothes, possible damaged to paint and seals, overall lack of faith in
> employee training.)
> They want to send out an adjuster to decide if the paint and corrosion
> warrenty are really hurt.  I want to talk to the Audi dealer myself with
> this insurance guy there trying to low ball me.
>     As I stated before, I'm not out sue (unless they start trying to
> me), I just want my car to be ok and the insurance company to take care
of me
> and my car.  Any more advice out there????????
> Please help me guys
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