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Re: Removing lower B-pillar interior cover

Sean Ford wrote:
> There's one noise in my car that I have no patience with... the
> *snap*/*crack* noise that comes from the lower B-pillar plastic trim when I
> hit a small sharp bump. The trim piece in question is rubbing against the
> trim piece above it and giving a very plasticky snap noise. I'm thinking
> that I may be able to either remove the lower trim piece and silicone the
> connecting tongue, or perhaps fashion some type of rubber "bumper" to
> squelch this snitty little noise. Has anyone else with a late model 100/A6
> experienced this noise and, subsequently, ridded yourself, and your Audi,
> of it?

It's an ongoing saga on our S6 wagon (same trim, I'm sure). They have
it to a weld in the body above the door, but they haven't made it go

I agree, _very_ annoying....

And yes, I'm back!!!! (with a new address)
steve powers