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Mechanics stories

Osman writes:

>Him:"Some cars use transmission fluid, others use differential fluid. 
>     Your car is front wheel drive and THERFORE doesn't have a differential."

>[Jaw drop and big dumb look]
>Me: "Um.. no, this car is all wheel drive and has two differentials."

That reminds me of a time last year when I took my car to a frame shop
for a free estimate (had a coupon, made a mistake).  :(

They took the car for a test drive, then proceeded to stand on the brakes
while revving the engine and releasing the clutch.  I was somewhat...ummm...
upset (to put it civilized) at this.  Then they put the car up on a lift
to check it out. 

First, they said it needed new motor mounts, because the engine torqued
too much.  Bummer, said I, since I just replaced both motor mounts less
than a month ago.  Oh, they replied, and scratched that off their invoice.

Then they said the left front wheel castor was incorrect.  "By how much
is it off?", I asked.  They came back with, "We don't know, but we do this
so much that we can tell just by looking at it."  Ya, right.

'85 Coupe GT
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