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Re: stock A4 tires

Dsbarson@aol.com wrote:
> ...delivery of my A4 1.8TQ w/ sport next week...
> ...205/55/16 from Goodyear and Continental...

I haven't hard of anyone getting other than Goodyear GSAs
on their new A4, and from the comments on this list, and
from every magazine review, they are the weakest link
in the entire car. period.

When I was discussing a new A4 with my dealer, he offered to
credit me for the tires (the amount they would have
to pay for them), as long as I brought substitutes
to them a couple of days before delivery.

Even if he only gives me back $60,70,80 each, who cares?

This is what I will do if I ever get Sue to agree to a
new A4: Buy P7000SuperSports 225/50-16 @$148ea, and
get the credit back for the GSAs.

BTW, several listers say that this Plus 0 fitment works 
well on their new A4.

Good Luck