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Re: Moral support really needed...

Ah, such tales of woe.
I can relate many times over, my '87 5KCST has done the whole hydraulic
thing. Did the radiator last month. Etc, etc. But it does have 160k... and
it still has a perfect leather interior... gets 25 mpg and runs smoothly
at 120 mph... dang it, how could I top it for $3000? I can't. I do think
that doing nearly all the work myself has prepared me for just about any
mechanical eventuality save for a Citroen SM. Hang in there Preston,
although Greg' not far off in saying that perhaps she should have the
Passat(unless she's the Audi wrench in the family:). 
Greg, I can really relate to your comparison. My two favorite cars I've
owned (out of 7) '74 BMW 3.0S, '87 5000CS. The Bimmer was more reliable.
Although neither car has ever stranded me. Bimmer got 9 mpg (AT and Solex
carbs) and pulled 4000 rpm at a legal 75mph. So, not the most economical
or stress-free ride. But I know what you mean. I drive 30K a year, what
wouldn't break under my lead foot? 
Incidentally, my current solution to the unruly Pentosin blasting pump
underhood was to remove the belt. No leaks now. Everyone is afraid to
drive it sans assist. Next month's $$$- steering the 63% front-biased
beast at parking speeds no fun at all. Makes the steering nicer at speed

87 5KCST and large forearms:)