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Re: towing with a turbo audi?

Michael Shields wrote:
> > Let me get this straight.  You want to buy a TQ and are curious about its
> > towing capacity.  I have a better idea.  First get off this mailing list.
> >  Second forget about buying an Audi. (German Driving Machine)  Third get a
> > copy of Billy Bob's Truck Search and buy a friggin pickup.  If I see the
> > words Audi and towing in the same sentence again I cannot be held responsible
> > for my cars actions.  Don't blame me when you get run over by a light blue
> > 100Q, sometimes these cars just take off.
> What?  Are you against all towing?  If not, and someone is going to
> tow something, why not do it in style?

AMEN.......style....that's what I want....