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Blaupunkt(?) gamma stereo

I'm having a small problem with the stock Audi gamma stereo in my US
issue 93 90CS.  When I turn it on or off, a loud burst of static comes
from the rear speakers.
To remedy this problem, I've had the head unit replaced twice, and the
rear speakers replaced 3 times.  Usually the rear speakers are blown.

Does anyone know offhand how many watts these speakers can take?  The
tweeters are fine, it's just the woofers that blow.  I'd like to put
fuses in line with these speakers to try to protect them from whatever
keeps blowing them out.

I don't want to replace the speakers or the head unit, as I'm pleased
enough with them.  I actually really like the sound I get from this
system. (Well, OK, maybe a little lacking in the deeper bass, but good
enough.  I have other plans for that).

Any help would be appreciated.



PS-please e-mail me directly as I'm behind a few (13) digests.
Thanks again!