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Re: 10V I-5s don't rev

Buy the nature of their design and engineering, the I5 10V does
exactly as
it was intended to!  

An engine in your "average street car" lives its life at mid rpm,
driving thru town, or on the freeway's.  99.9% of an engines life is
spent in the mid rpm range.  Over the years the "idle" times have come
up due to city traffic, and engineers have addressed this problem with
all type's of neat gadgetry, and electronics.

The inherent revving problems with the I5 engine, can be attributed to
the engineers
seeking longevity, fuel economy, and economical building costs, vice
speed and power!

In Audi's early racing history, the Rally Q's reached redline at
7300-7500 rpm.  
This after much "preparation" of engine internal parts!  Balancing is
a must here!
You must build a motor "correctly" in order for it to survive those
higher rpm's!

Certain parts, such as the hydraulic lifters, and oil pump, timing
belt, alternator, and distributor assembly,  are limiting factors in
obtaining those higher rpms.

Your main concern above all, is the power band!  Knowing exactly where
your motor
produces its peek power output, in relation to the drive train gear
ratio's, and the cars
suspension, environment and operating condition.

Your Audi was designed for the "street", to last a long time, and get
good gas mileage.....

What more could one ask for!