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Re: Messing with sunroof

In a message dated 97-03-20 11:24:43 EST, you write:

<< Vince, sunroof season is quickly approaching. I HAVE an '84 5k with an
iffy sunroof. Any hints, tips, BTDT's or gotcha's you can provide?
 Also, what lube is recommended for the sunroof slides and also for the

Open everything on May 1, carry an umbrella in the door pocket. If the sky is
gray, gravitate toward highway overpasses.

But, check the service records, if these newer version parts have been
just worry about the lube.

443-877-151-B  left guide with new "angle of dangle"
443-877-152-B  right   "     "      "        "         "
443-898-015-A  new cable set
443-877-375 or 375A ( depends on VIN... break might be in 85) cable/motor
443-877-373 or 373A      "               "             "
                           "      "      clip   

I use some BG stuff called A.S.K. spray that isn't available anymore, some
lister could probably advise you better. ( I don't want to get into a
sunroof lube thread, they just get too bloody )

Vince Lyons