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200 wheel & tire combos II

I do not know the 200 upgrades available (M Shields), any suggestions for 
sources?  I'm trying to assemble some resources.

Tire Rack says stay with stock width, which tends to confirm what Dave Weiss 
reports.  But they have very few available fitments, which I sense is driving 

Shokan ( I gather a well known parting operationin upstate NY) has some stock 
wheels, and reports that 15 x 8 wheels are rare, but I don't know what models 
they come from.

Scott, the wheels I have are referred to as "aero" I think.  They have 
slightly convex solid inserts with six scallops cut out at the perimeter 
(pretty scientific!) and an exposed 5 bolt pattern.  I'll search out the mesh 
pattern you mentioned.

Thanks all.