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Re: Buying Audi's wrecked or through a broker

What you said is 100% true.  I bought a wrecked car when I was 16 and fixed
it(not an Audi) and continued to do this part time to get through college.
 When I graduated I started going to the insurance pools full time.  I now
buy cars for 8-10 different dealers/recyclers.  The money you can save if you
are not scared of buying something on the spot as is from an insurance
auction is incredible.  I would also have to agree with you on the point of
buying cars from a second used car auction, these are cars that dealers get
in trade and are in tooooo poor of condition to sell at retail on their lot.
 Dealers also don't want to sell a car that they know will be back for
warranty work so they bring them to the second hand auctions and dump them.
 All the cars I have bought were all sound mechanicaly, they just need, body
cosmetic work.  We go by the adage " IT MUST HAVE BEEN RUNNING WHEN THE TREE
HIT IT".  I would be willing to help any Q LISTER in my area find a car, but
only if they are serious and have the money available at the time the hammer
is dropped at the auction.  All cars are required to be paid for on the day
of purchase at most auctions.  Matt