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Re: Insurance called me...

Christian J. Long wrote:

>    As I stated before, I'm not out sue (unless they start trying to screw
>me), I just want my car to be ok and the insurance company to take care of me
>and my car.  Any more advice out there????????

I'm all for _not_ suing. This litigation craze of the last decades has led
to ever increasing insurance premiums to cover all the costs. In the long
run, we will all pay for the costs ourselves, because shop owners need some
way to recover their costs, and consequently make their customers pay.
We've already seen car insurance premiums go up here in Holland because
drivers can now be held responsible for all medical and legal costs if they
hit a pedestrian or cyclist, even if they were _not_ to blame for the

However, my advice would be to consult a doctor (or two) on the health
issue, ans assure you're properly compensated for the damage to your car
and clothes. Still, your health's the most important thing here. I guess a
valeting will take care of the damage to the car, but have an expert look
at it anyway.
My advice is to consult as many experts as you can find on each subject,
and have their reports ready to determine if the insurance guys are out to
get you.

I sincerely hope that the doctors determine that you're not likely to have
any physical results from this unpleasant adventure, and that this has led
the gas station's owner to train his employees better. Your average (read:
clueless) motorist could be less lucky in escaping...

I also wish you lots of luck in getting things settled properly. Don't let
the indifferent attitude of the insurance co. get you down.



 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

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