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Re: UrQ option code 764

     > The smaller filler pipe for unleaded is a European feature, too.  
     > And a digital dash can be switched from imperial to metric by 
     > pressing a couple of buttons.  
     The US and Canadian version ur-qs had Analog displays, kind of makes 
     up for the bumpers and crappy headlights they fitted!
     The frequency valve, fuel pressure dampers O2 sensor, cat, different 
     ECU, different fuel distributor, different Cam? Significantly less 
     power, 5 mph bumpers, and headlights are all reasons why I don't think 
     anyone would want a North American car over a Euro model?
     Apart from the analog dash, I think the only other advantages of NA 
     ur-qs are the side impact beams in the doors - I haven't heard of the 
     box sections in the boot (oops I mean trunk) anyone else confirm this 
     Regards, Mike
     p.s. There do seem to be a few early test cars in the US with circa 
     1982 build dates (e.g. Paul Timmerman's) could this have something to 
     do with option code 764? Some of these cars are closer to Euro spec?