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Need quick input on 89 200TQ purchase

I'd greatly appreciate if anyone with the following knowledge could take a
moment to reply.

Being the original owner of an 87 5kcstq, and previous 84 5k, I'm well aware
of the usual problem areas on those models (as well as strongpoints). I've
just found someone with a need to "sell fast" an 89 200tq. I will see the car
tonite (3/21), details so far: 124k miles(that's ok), pearl with BBS type
wheels (but section of rear repainted), black leather seats with heat (only
driver's works-OK I've done this repair before), 2nd owner since 50k, driven
by young woman-her 1st car (not implying anything, just stating fact),
maintained by mechanic, under Dad's supervision (he drives V8-4th Audi for
him), t-belt done at 60k, recent master cyl, bomb and brakes (did they use
UFOs that year?), is missing dr mirror and has slight dent in door, and near
headlight (from pulling in and out of garage, according to Dad), driver door
doesn't open from inside (probably minor). Never replaced steer rack or pump.
Asking price is $5200, with reasons to sell in the next 4 days.

1) Steer rack problems similar to earlier 5k?
2) Engine details-what hp rating in 1989? What differences from the 87 (MC).
3) Any thoughts/experience/opinions appreciated.

  ([____]=====OOOO=====[____])   87 5kcsTQ, 200k miles
 []]]]]]]][Mike Aiello][[[[[[[]     original owner
       Dutchess County, NY